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Charitable Foundations and Associations

Charitable Foundations


Andreas G. Keller has a lot of experience in the establishment and management of charitable foundations. Especially in the field of conservation of nature and the environment, he has already founded various institutions. He also serves as member of the Board or as Chairman of foundations. Among others, he served as member of the Board of Trustees of WWF Switzerland for 7 ½ years.


A current example of his work is Bernd Thies-Foundation. Since 20 years he serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees and as Managing Director of the Foundation. Bernd Thies-Foundation aims to protect and conserve nature on a charitable basis. It directs financial contributions to specific conservation projects or grants donations to institutions that use them for their conservation projects.


The Bernd Thies Foundation supports concrete conservation projects and practice-oriented research projects for the conservation of wolves in Europe, especially in the Balkans. With a second priority, the Foundation supports protection and research projects for bears and lynx in Europe.​

An example of a supported project is a wolf park in Portugal. A few miles north of Lisbon, on a surface of around 170,000 square meters, a wolf center has been established with the financial support of the Bernd Thies-Foundation. The Iberian Wolf Recovery Center (IWRC) offers a natural habitat in large enclosures for up to thirty wolves. The center is open to both volunteers and guests. The morning and evening wolf howls offer a special atmosphere that gets under your skin. Recently, Bernd Thies-Foundation has handed over the responsibility for the operation of the center to Grupo Lobo in Portugal.

Another example is the Foundation Raphael:

Andreas G. Keller serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees. The Foundation Raphael supports mainly women on their way to enter or re-enter into professional life through personal advice and financial support for their education.



The Law Office Keller is the longtime legal advisor of the Fédération Internationale de Philatélie. This association is the world federation of national associations of philatelists.


In addition, the Law Office Keller has founded various associations and Andreas G. Keller has served on the board of these Associations:

Rechtliche Expertise für Ihre Stiftung
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