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Board of Directors mandates

As non-executive directors in corporations, in limited liability companies (LLC) and as branch managers, we advise companies on legal issues such as changes to the board of directors or the management, transfer of domicile, hiring of managers and employees, renting of office space, adapting agreements to Swiss law, etc.

Current examples of such mandates:

  • Admedus GmbH: Admedus is a global healthcare company. The parent company is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

  • ERNI AGL AG: The company is part of the ADB Airfield Solutions Group. It is involved in the development and production of runway lighting for airports.

  • Galerie Edwynn Houk zur Stockeregg AG: This art gallery in Zurich specializes in photographs from the early last century. The main gallery is located on 5th Avenue in New York.

  • Heinz von Heiden Swiss AG – Massivhäuser specializes in system architecture and mainly builds detached houses in Switzerland. The parent company has already built more than 44,000 houses in Germany. Heinz von Heiden Massivhäuser GmbH is the main sponsor of the German Bundesliga soccer club Hannover 96.


  • International Planning Group GmbH offers advice and mediation of sophisticated insurance solutions. The International Planning Group operates worldwide. The head office is located near Boston.

  • JDX Consulting Switzerland GmbH provides consulting services for banks and insurance companies. JDX was founded in 2012 in London. Today, the company has more than 500 consultants, and offices, among others, in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and Zurich.

  • Nicoll Curtin Technology GmbH places IT specialists from all over the world primarily to banks and insurance companies in Zurich. The head office of Nicoll Curtin is in London and the company has a branch in Singapore.

  • NLF Yachting (Swiss) AG: This company offers service and repair work and in particular painting work on yachts. The Yachting Protection Group employs more than 400 people and is the leading provider of yacht painting in Europe. It is also active in the Middle East and in China.

  • Reiss (International) Ltd., London, Zurich branch: Reiss is a recognized brand for designer fashion for both women and men. Clients include members of the English royal family as well as Hollywood stars. In England Reiss has about 90 stores. There are also Reiss stores all over the world: America, Canada, Ireland, Australia, France, Germany, etc.

  • RSHP Switzerland GmbH: RSHP stands for Rogers, Stirk, Harbor + Partners. It is a global architectural firm headquartered in London. They have already realized projects on almost every continent. A specialty is the construction of airport terminals. RSHP is currently building an extension of the airport in Geneva. The works are expected to last until 2020.

  • Sectra Medical Systems GmbH, Zurich branch: Sectra is a medical technology company specializing in the processing and storage of medical images. Sectra services help hospitals and doctors to better diagnose and plan medical procedures. Sectra shares are listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

  • SoftAtHome SA, Zurich branch designs and sells systems, equipment and services in the fields of telecommunications, IT, telematics and communications. The headquarters are located near Paris. In Switzerland SoftAtHome works closely with Swisscom.

  • Summerleaze Mountains AG wanted to modernize the ski resort in Ernen in the canton of Valais and also complement the infrastructure for the guests with hotels and holiday homes. The shareholders are domiciled in England. Due to the unfavorable exchange rate £ - CHF, the project is currently suspended.

  • The Intelligence Group, Lugano branch: The Intelligence Group is a multinational corporation that conducts research around the world for both governmental organizations and private companies. The head office is in New Jersey. In addition, the company has offices in New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Seattle, etc.

  • TomTom Telematics Sales B.V, Amsterdam, Zurich branch: TomTom manufactures both navigation devices and devices for monitoring body functions. The headquarters of TomTom is located in Amsterdam. The shares are listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

  • Twist Mktg GmbH provides services in the area of unified PR, digital and creative analytics and communications primarily for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The company belongs to the W2O group, which has offices all over the world. The W2O group offers its services in 20 languages.

  • Zauner Anlagetechnik GmbH, Berne branch is involved in the planning, installation and commissioning of large industrial plants. Zauner Anlagetechnik has already successfully handled a whole series of major projects throughout Europe.

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