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Annual General Meetings - Independent Proxy

Andreas G. Keller has more than 25 years of experience in advising listed companies in Switzerland on their Annual General Meetings. He has taken over the entire legal responsibility for the AGM of many companies and, for example, wrote the script for the treatment of the agenda, coordinated the notarization of the resolutions of the AGM with the notary public and arranged for the registration of the changes in the commercial register.


Andreas G. Keller has already taken over the mandate as an independent proxy for more than 30 listed companies. He has gained an experience that is probably unique in Switzerland. In 2018, he exercised the mandate as independent proxy for the following companies:

  • Adecco

  • Barry Callebaut

  • Burckhardt Compression

  • Cembra Money Bank

  • Credit Suisse

  • dormakaba Holding

  • Geberit

  • Investis

  • Implenia

  • Kuros Biosciences

  • Meier Tobler Group

  • Molecular Partners

  • Nebag

  • Orell Füssli

  • Sonova Holding

  • Sunrise

  • VZ Holding

  • Zurich Insurance Group


In addition, the Law Office Keller also takes on mandates as an Independent Proxy for unlisted companies and investment foundations.

Generalversammlung, unabhängiger Stimmrechtsvertreter
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